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Pumpkin Cupcake Wax Melt : 

About this fragrance:

A perfectly sweet pumpkin cupcake topped with vanilla bean & caramel swirl icing.

Prominent scent notes:

Top :Pumpkin Cake Batter, Vanilla Bean

Mid :Sweet Pumpkin, Soft Cinnamon

Base :Caramel, Almond, Brown Sugar


Pumpkin Caramel Swirl Wax Melt:

About this fragrance:

The heartwarming aroma of a home-made cheesecake drizzled with creamy caramel and harvest fresh pumpkin sauce.

Prominent scent notes:

Top :Buttery Swirl, Caramel

Mid :Creamy Pumpkin

Base :Sweet Cheesecake


Harvest Hayride Wax Melt: 

About this fragrance:

Friends and family gather for the harvest hayride. The smell of woody, autumn spices fill the air.

Prominent scent notes:

Top :Embered Woods, Autumn Air

Mid :Spiced Ginger

Base :Cinnamon, Clove Clove


Cool Harvest Morning Wax Melt: 

About this fragrance:

A fresh burst of cool harvest air greets you as you take a relaxing walk through the autumn woods.

Prominent scent notes:

Top :Fresh apple, Cool Autumn Mist

Mid :Apple Peels, Bright Bergamot

Base :Soft Sandalwood


Autumn Wax Melt: 

About this fragrance:

Autumn in a jar! Experience the wonderful excitement this season has to offer. It's the nostalgic aroma of a crisp fall breeze.

Prominent scent notes:

Top :Tea Leaves, Harvest Spices

Mid :Orange Blossom, Crunchy Leaves

Base :Birch Leaves, Light Cinnamon


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