BULK Inventory Clean Out

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INVENTORY LIST CAN CHANGE! We are trying our best to keep up with it!

Bulk Inventory Clean Out **PLEASE READ** Also see some pictures of some of the items!!

**EVERYTHING is active on our site, until someone buys this bulk** 


Are you a start up business or just a business looking for a few items, look no further we just might have what you're looking for.

We are wanting to get rid of all our current inventory (it is most of what is listed on our website). We have several pieces. Some items have size runs and some items don't. 

List below are the items you will receive. 

 Items included:

1 pair of  size 8 Ferrini Boots LADIES MANDALA WHITE S-TOE

1 pair of size 6 Crazy Train Clothing LA PUEBLA FLOP SANDALS ** SERAPE

1 Crazy Train Clothing Size M/L Arizona Sky Jacket  (one of a kind)

4 Darkwash Skiinny Jeans Sizes: 4, 8, 10 & 12

2 Cowgirl Up Jeans Sizes: 2 - 2/27R

3 Crazy Train Clothing CALGARY STAMPEDE TOP Sizes: 1-Small, 1-Medium, 1-XL

4 Crazy Train Clothing STAY WILD TEE Size: 1-Small, 1-Medium,  1-Large, 1-XL

2 Crazy Train Clothing COSMIC LOVE TOP Sizes: 1-Small, 1-LARGE 


Plus more, more and more. Once we can we will try to add everything to this list but to get an idea you can look through our website and anything that shows instock you will get.

** Shipping will be invoiced separately as we don't know how much it will weigh or how many boxes will be needed.** So please use email we can send shipping invoice to.** 


You are ONLY purchasing the items NOT THE BUSINESS NAME.

We are NOT going out of business, just trying to sell inventory to get new and different items. Might be going a different route. For now we are taking time away as my son just had to have heart surgery.


If you have any questions please feel free to email us at danddwesternwear@yahoo.com **serious inquiries**

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