Looking for Brand Reps

D & D Westen Wear Brand Rep. ONLY

New year is coming, so calls for something new!

We will be looking for reps. This will include a baby and a woman.

How it will work:
1.) You will have to like our Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok (if you have an account) and be in our Facebook group to even be considered.
2.) Once you have placed and order with us, your name or your child's name will be put in a cup. (Make sure to use a good email address that you want your application sent to).
3.) Once you have placed an order, YOU MUST comment DONE on our Facebook post or on Instagram under the post that say (Reps), with your order number so we can keep track and so we know you're interested in being a rep. **THIS STEP MUST BE DONE**
4.) Once we feel like we have enough contestants, we will send you an email with an application to tell us a little bit about yourself or your child. **YOU MUST SEND US A PICTURE OF YOU OR YOUR CHILD MODELING IN THE PRODUCTS YOU BOUGHT FROM OUR BUSINESS**
5.) Once we go over the application we will pick who we feel like would help our business out the best.
6.) You much have Facebook and Instagram for sure.
7.) There will be renewals every 6 months. (If we feel the need to.)
8.) Date of order has to be at least December 2020

💥Once you have been accepted as a rep, this is what we expect.
• You will be expected to advertise, advertise and advertise our business.
• You must advertise us on Facebook, Instagram and any other social media you have.
• You must tag us in every post, so we know you are advertising.
• You will be expected to post at least once a week, would be nice if you would post daily.
• You will have your own discount code to advertise with.
• If you get at least 5 people to order using your code, you will receive free product(s). Free product(s) will be based on how many times your code has been used!

If you don't follow our expectations you will be let go as a rep and your code will be shut off. We are looking for go go getters, if you don't have time please don't waste our time.

**If you're looking for kids clothing to order please let us know!